This is Social Media News and Trends, a roundup of recent changes and what they could mean for your brand.


Pinterest continues to invest in social shopping. They announced several new ways to showcase your products to customers. Brands can tag products and pins, making it simpler for users to discover and shop. You can also make your catalog more interactive by including video and giving shoppers a variety of views while they consider a purchase. And retailers can now add a Shop tab directly to your profile page.


On the enterprise side, video conference app Zoom is moving deeper into messaging. Zoom Chat is a business platform that lets users send text and video messages to coworkers, attach files, share whiteboards, and organize chats in folders. This is separate from the DMs in regular video calls, which aren’t going to change, but it sounds like Zoom may be going head to head with Teams and Slack by providing more collaboration options for corporate accounts.


If you’re a B2B marketer managing accounts on LinkedIn, your job is about to get easier. The company’s launching Business Manager, a platform that integrates campaign manager and pages and works for agencies or companies with multiple accounts. You’ll be able to create and track ad campaigns, update and share matched audiences, manage pages and permissions, and improve performance from one hub. Watch for more features to be rolled out in the coming months.


Meanwhile, Twitter’s partnership with Shopify lets merchants feature products in a carousel on your account page and update them in real-time, so your customers can always catch the latest offers.

Finally, have you ever found yourself in the middle of a conversation on Twitter you didn’t want to be a part of? Well, Twitter’s new Unmention feature lets you quietly remove yourself from being included in those tweets and replies. Now, if only someone could figure out how to do that in those reply-all-email chains.