Marketing with Visual Storytelling – 5 tips

Marketing with Visual Storytelling

How to Marketing with Visual Storytelling. You’ve probably heard the popular sayings, seeing is believing, and a picture’s worth a thousand words.

It’s true. When you see something, you’re more likely to believe it. That’s why it’s time to tell your stories with good visual content here are some tips to help.

First, you want to swap out the uninteresting stock photos and take some real pictures. This is your chance to be original to increase your level of sharing and engagement.

Second, you can combine data and images to create infographics. You’d be surprised who’s interested in them. When you have stats from original research together with compelling photos, you can even get the media’s attention.

Third, change up your content by using video. You can use your smartphone to capture video on the go. Video is engaging and transparent, but most of all shows the human side of what you do.

Fourth, know your audience and what they like to share through different channels. If your community is looking for live streaming on Twitter, and your sharing news releases, well, that’s a problem. You have to give your audience what they want.

Fifth, encourage co-creation with your community members. Always involve your audience to ramp up participation and make them a part of your brand.

Bonus: use some humor!  Of course, you have to make sure it’s appropriate. We can all appreciate something clever that makes us laugh.

The bottom line is that storytelling through visuals captures attention, so make sure your stories have a visual component.