How SEO Works?

How SEO Works

How SEO Works? Any search engine, if it wants top ranking in the list of all the search engines result page will scan all the sites to better understand what the sites are all about.

It will also scan the site to determine how easy it is to navigate and read, rewarding user-friendly sites with higher rankings on the search engine results page.

SEO is the process that organizations go through to achieve being the most searched webpage or site especially for phrases and words which are termed as keywords.

What is On-Page and Off – Page SEO

Now, next thing to understand is on-page and off-page SEO. Conceptually, there are two ways of optimization:

On-Page SEO

All the activities you do “On your website” to take it to 1st rank of the search engine organically – its called On page SEO. It includes providing good content, good keywords selection, putting keywords on correct places, giving appropriate title to every page, etc.

Off-Page SEO

All the activities you do “outside your website” on digital platforms to take it to 1st rank of the search engine organically its called Off page SEO. It includes link building, increasing link popularity by submitting open directories, search engines, link exchange, etc. For this the content of the search engine should be very strong.

Monitoring SEO Processes

Contents forms the crux of the subject matter of SEO as contents are not simply words or phrases put together. Contents can be said to be good and attractive only if it appeals to the nature and preferences of the customer. Contents are not required to be long but can be short yet quirky and short. Websites nowadays, have started giving preferences to contents as the same is important to build the SEO factor.

One major factor to keep in mind is the catchy and crispness of contents which must consists of keywords and phrases to make use of the same. Planning and creating contents centred on the keywords and phrases enable company sites and websites to develop a great SEO platform and reach out public in a broader and easier manner.

Preparing SEO Process

SEO is a huge concept which is growing drastically over the years and one may require approaches to reach out to the deeper meaning of SEO.

Traditionally people have been using many tricks/techniques to take their website on 1st rank to attract more visitor, convert them to leads & making them customers. In quest of these competitions – 2 new concepts in SEO – Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

Is an unethical approach taken by companies to manipulate search engine algorithm to take their website on 1st rank.

White hat SEO is an effective approach and a better ethical way to create a sustainable platform. This type of contents cares for the preferences of the customers and adds contents in the webpage as per Search Engine guideline i.e. using keywords and keyword analysis, back linking, link building to improve link popularity, and writing content for human readers.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO methods are very negative tactics taken by various companies. Through this way, websites do not care about human behaviour and preferences and add Spammy, manipulative contents on the website i.e. Keyword spamming, cloaking, comment spamming etc.

The SEO magic takes time to work

For SEO’s to be successful, the contents should not be just of superior quality but catchy. The SEO magic takes time to work out but if waited patiently, the magic can create wonders and bring on customers on a rapid pace. SEO has over the years developed rapidly and has reached a great height.

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