Essential areas of digital marketing

Essential areas of digital marketing


What areas of focus in your digital marketing strategy are top-level for your marketing campaign? Your answer is Essential areas of digital marketing.

Depending on the goals of your organization, there maybe certain areas where you’ll need to rely more heavily on paid tools, and then other areas where you can get away with using free tools.

Social media can be used for organic digital marketing purposes, in which you’re not paying for anything, you’re just trying to gain subscribers and a following based on content that you’re posting.

Of course, on most platforms, you can also boost your posts to gain more traction. We’re not talking about display advertising in social media, however.

The difference between paid posts and display ads, is that for paid posts you’re publishing a regular post that you would normally publish for free, but instead you’re paying to have it boosted and to reach a wider audience.

Display advertising on social media, is when you pay for a banner on the sidebar of say Facebook, quite different from boosting a post. We will discuss some of the different tools for both of these social media marketing techniques in this course.

The second area that we will discuss, is email marketing. Yes, it is still a viable digital marketing option, depending on the goals of your organization.  We will then focus on display advertising.

Video plays a big role in online marketing for multiple different reasons. Maybe you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website by creating a helpful YouTube channel, or maybe you’re looking to do some paid video advertising.

When it comes to content creation and curation, there are a ton of different tools to choose from.

Finally, other area of digital marketing is affiliate marketing tools and programs available, for organizations that are willing to give up the reins and let some others do marketing for them.

It’s important to understand that by looking at affiliate marketing from this perspective, we will be paying others to market our product or service, and not profiting from marketing others products or services.

For all of these areas of digital marketing, I will be discussing tools and platforms that have stood the test of time and have a bright future ahead of them.

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