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Content Marketing Fundamentals (Free with Certification)

Content Marketing Fundamentals

Content Marketing Fundamentals. Dive into the inner workings of content marketing and learn how you can use content to complement and promote your brand in this series of video lessons.

13 lessons, 3 hours and The course is 100% free. Save your money for your future marketing activities.

Course Content

Lesson 1. What is Content Marketing?

You will learn the basics of content marketing, its peculiarities, and purposes.Lesson 2. How to Implement Content Marketing in Your Business

Come explore the ways in which any business can use creative content to promote their products or services, as well as the key players on any content marketing team.

Lesson 3. Business Goals of Content Marketing

You will be guided through content marketing objectives and the types of content that best fit those business goals.

Lesson 4. Competitor Research

Find out how to search for and identify your industry competitors so you can best optimize your content marketing strategy.

Lesson 5. Audience Research

Learn how to identify your target audience so you can tailor your content campaigns to your demographic.

Lesson 6. How to Audit Your Existing Content

Learn how to analyze your content quality and relevancy by using the SEMrush Content Audit tool.

Lesson 7. Content Ideation

Discover how to come up with new content ideas that your target demographic with love.

Lesson 8. Content Calendar

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a content calendar, which is an essential piece of the puzzle for any business.

Lesson 9. Content Creation

You’ll learn how to create content that is focused on users’ pain points and values.

Lesson 10. Optimizing Your Content

Content can’t just read great for users. In this lesson you’ll learn how to optimize your content for rankings.

Lesson 11. Content Distribution

Learn how to develop a distribution approach that will get your content noticed.

Lesson 12. How to Measure Content

See how to measure your content performance, so that you can determine whether your content marketing strategy was actually worth your while.

Lesson 13. Advanced Content Tips

Find out how to repurpose and reuse existing content, how to make it more “linkable” and lead generating